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Elements of Phi

Culture, community, adventure, travel, storytelling, art appreciation, journeys
Everybody sees the world through their own, unique perspective. 
Every heart uniquely feels emotions, reacting to that same unique perspective.

A picture says 1000 words, however the measure of emotions invoked remains unlimited.

The perspective is captured by the eye, triggering emotion. The emotion is felt by the heart, which in return affects the perspective of the eye of the beholder. Two reactions, both visual and emotive, caught in a divine, symbiotic ratio which manifests the practice of art in its’ physical, stagnant form.

The Golden Ratio.

Known in mathematics as the Golden ratio, Elements of Phi refers to a naturally occurring ratio which exhibits aesthetically pleasing properties. Elements of Phi captures this Golden ratio through a range of perspectives in the form of still, aesthetic art otherwise known as Prints. 

Artwork: Derek Tice - Totally Board

" A carefully curated selection of emotive prints for your unique space."

Discover the journeys of world renowned photographers through their eye, and bring your space to life through their emotive perspective with Elements of Phi.

Whether your eye is triggered by travel, adventure and culture, or your heart is moved by motorcycles, classic automotives or the characters behind the wheel, Elements of Phi offers a carefully curated selection of emotive prints for your unique space. 

Add ambition to your space with a fine print of a classic automotive, or soften the mood with a nostalgic print of a familiar place, transporting you back to a special moment. Carved from the finest of locally & sustainably sourced plantation timbers, all frames are crafted with the latest technology for optimal precision and detailing. 

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